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Chambourcin (Semi–Sweet)  $18.00
Our chambourcin with the grapes pressed the same day they are crushed to give a rose colored wine.

Chambourcin Red (Dry)  $18.00
This chambourcin has pronounced varietal flavors and notes of a raspberry crisp clean finish.

Norton (Dry)  $21.00
Rich, full-bodied and flavorful. This dry deep red colored Norton has a finish of spice, vanilla and raspberries.

Pinot~Noir (Dry)  $21.00
This full bodied burgundy displays fresh fruit flavors of pomegranates, cherries, and currants with complimenting aromas of black cherry and rose petal.


Crimson Eclipse Cherry (Sweet)  $16.00
This cherry wine is more tart like a piece of fresh baked cherry pie poured into your glass.

Rose Moon Raspberry (Sweet)  $16.00
This raspberry sweet fruit wine is well-rounded and as delicate as the berries we make it from.

Very Berry Blackberry (Sweet)  $17.00
This blackberry sweet fruit wine is well-rounded and as delicate as the berries we make it from.

Winters Delight Cranberry (Sweet)  $16.00
This cranberry wine has the classic flavor with a nice balance between sweet and tart. It is a great wine for parties and great times.


Autumn Blend (Semi–Sweet)  $17.00
Full of fruit flavors. Pears, apples and melons fill your taste buds.

Chardonnay Sweet  $17.00
Our chardonnays dry with added sugar after fermentation for sweetness.

Clear Creek Vivant (Semi–Sweet)  $17.00
This semi-dry white vivant has a bit of tropics in Missouri! It exhibits a bounty of tropical fruit tastes.

Edelweiss (Semi-Sweet)  $16.00
The edelweiss has a floral and orange blossom notes. The palate is with citrus characteristics.

Harvest Moon Chardonel (Dry)  $17.00
This chardonel dry wine has pineapple and citrus nose. The palate is rich and full bodied.

Mint Tea Delight (Semi–Sweet)  $16.00
Iced Tea with oranges, lemons, and a hint of ginger. Delightful on a summer day.

Pink Catawba (Semi–Sweet)  $17.00
A rose colored wine that combines sweet and tart, like an apple.

Traminette (Semi-Sweet)  $17.00
A light wine with aroma of honeysuckle and allspice, alluring flavors of citrus, peach, and apricot.

Waterfall Seyval Blanc (Semi–Dry)  $17.00
A crisp wine balanced with purity of fruit and underlying scences of green apple and pear.

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We will be Closed until April 6th, 2019.

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We will be Closed until April 6th, 2019.